Emergency Power Line Restoration

Our primary focus is Emergency Power Line Restoration.

Because our expertise and experience is so broad, we can live up to the motto “We Do It All”.  When we are not cleaning up from nature’s chaos, we provide these services to a vast array of public and commercial clients:

  • Overhead Power Line design, construction, inspection and maintenance
  • Substations & Switching Station construction, commissioning & maintenance
  • Power Transformer
    • Installation, dressing & commissioning
    • Containment and repair of oil leaks
    • Oil testing, analysis and treatment
  • Switchgear
    • Installation, commissioning & testing
    • High & medium voltage regulator testing & overhaul
    • Maintenance during industrial shutdowns
  • Primary & Secondary Underground Systems
    • Cable location, testing, fault repair
    • Underwater cable repair
    • Electrical Substation installation, testing and energizing
    • Installation of pad mount transformers & switching equipment
  • Wind Farm construction, commissioning, testing & maintenance